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My name is Bartosz Banach, I was born on the 1th of July, 1986 in Gdańsk, where I live today. I've been into sports regularly since 1992, I've started training at the age of six. Since that time sport has been continuously present in my life and soon became my way of living.

I've been training competitive cycling for over 20 years, I had spent 2 years in France being a member of a pro cycling group, I've also been a pro triathlete since 4 years. Both, as a cyclist and a triathlete, I have many victories. I share my experience gained during racing all over the world as a personal trainer

I've also graduated at Academy of Physical Education, with the physiotherapy speciality.


  • 2020

    8th place Castle Malbork Triathlon Poland Championship, IM distance

    time 8h:49min

  • 2019

    1th place Triathlon Sieraków ½ Ironman

    time 4h:01min

  • 2019

    1th place GoodValley Triathlon Przechlewo ½ Ironman 3h56min53sek

    time 3h:56min:53sec

  • 2019

    18th place IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia

    time 4h:00min:37sec

  • 2018

    Champion of Poland in Cross Triathlon

  • 2018

    1th place OPEN Triathlon Gdańsk olimpic distance

    time 1h:58min

  • 2018

    1th place OPEN Triathlon Sieraków 1/2

    time 3h:59min

  • 2018

    5th place PRO IRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam

    time 4h:14min

  • 2017

    2nd place open Triathlon Susz 1/2

    time 3h:58min

  • 2017

    1th place open Triathlon Gdańsk dystans olimpijski

    time 2h:01min

  • 2017

    7th place PRO Foremost IRONMAN 70.3 Thailand

    time 4h:05min

  • 2017

    10th place PRO IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland Rapperswill-Jona

    time 4h:08min

  • 2016

    1th place OPEN Enea Tri Tour long distance

  • 2016

    1th place OPEN 1/2 Przechlewo Triathlon

    time 4h:08min

  • 2016

    3th place Elite Poland Crosstriathlon Championship

    time 1h:40min, distance 1000m - 25km -10km

  • 2016

    9th place PRO XTERRA FRANCE Xonrupt

    time 3h:20min, dystans 1500m - 40km - 10km

  • 2015

    1th place cat. M25 Triathlon Sieraków Poland Championship ½

    time 4h:14min, first race in triathlon

  • 2015

    1th place Triathlon Przechlewo – MP olimpic distance – kc M25-30

    time 2h:05min, distance 1500m - 40 - 10km

  • 2015

    2th place Elite Poland Crosstriathlon Championship

    time 1h:56min, distance 1500m - 25km - 10km

  • 2015

    2th place cat. M25/ 10th place OPEN Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia

    time 4h:19min


  • 2013

    Champion of Poland in relay MTB XC

  • 2010 and 2013

    Victory in general clasification in Poland MTB Marathon

  • 2011

    6th place, general clasification in International MTB Race, cat. Elite, Langkawi

  • 2006

    2nd place in Poland CX Championship , cat. U-23

  • 2005

    2nd place in Poland MTB Marathon, cat. Elite

  • 2002 i 2005

    Team 2nd place in Poland Championship in MTB XC

  • 1997

    First, most important victory in Poland Family Cup Championship



2000 - 2001 Lechia Gdańsk
2002 - 2003 Lotto-PZU
2004 - 2005 Lechia Gdańsk
2006 Flota Gdynia
2007 Nobless Continental Cycling Team
2008 C.C Etupes
2009 C.C Creusot
2010 Bikeworld Team
2010 - 2011 Mróz ActiveJet
2012 HP-SFERIS Racing MTB team
2013 BSA MTB Pro Tour
2014 - 2015 Hotel Cztery Brzozy - Apteka Gemini
2016 - Torus- Hotel Cztery Brzozy
2017-2019 Torus Apteka Gemini
2020 BST - Banach Sport Team


Cycling - additional information

During the entire cycling career, I've participated in more than 400 races (mountain, cross-country and road races). As a youngster, I've been regularly on a podium, both in local events, as well as in Polish Championships. In junior categories, U23 and elite, I took part in the World and European Championships in MTB and cross Marathon. I've also competed in many road stage competitions, including Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay, Tour du Gévaudan, Ciclistico Internacionale Valle d'Aosta-Savoie-Mont Blanc, Tour de Franche-Comte, Tour Nivernais Morvan, Tour du Pays Roannais, Paris-Tours- U23, Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich, Race of Mazovia, Race of Solidarity and Olympians and many other classic events.


Schedule 2021

7.08.2021 ENEA IRONMAN 70.3 GDYNIA
5.09.2021 Castle Triathlon Malbork Ironman Polish Championship
16.10.2021 IRONMAN Majorka


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